The image of the Balkans: a set of photographs showing different aspects of life in the Balkans

General Instructions

Follow these steps to participate in our youth photo contest, which aims to promote tolerance, understanding, and overcoming prejudices among young people aged 18 to 30.


Participants must be between 18 and 30 years old.


Register on the official website to upload photos and leave comments.

Theme adherence

All submitted photos must correspond with the spirit of the project, encouraging tolerance, understanding, and overcoming prejudices.

Submission rules

  • No limit on the number of photos you can submit.
  • Photos must fit into one of the organizer’s proposed categories:
    • Unity in Diversity: Photos showcasing the diversity of cultures, languages, and traditions in the Balkans, while also highlighting how these differences can bring people together.
    • Building Bridges: Photos representing efforts to promote understanding and cooperation among different communities in the region.
    • Democracy in Action: Photos documenting democratic processes and institutions in your community, such as voting, public meetings, or protests.
    • My European Future: Photos expressing hopes and aspirations for the future of the Balkans within the larger European community.
    • Tolerance and Understanding: Photos promoting tolerance, respect, and understanding of different people and cultures.
    • Good Neighbourliness: Photos showcasing examples of good neighborliness, such as acts of kindness, volunteer work, or community events that bring people together.
    • Funny Balkans: Photos showing humorous or unusual traditions or customs unique to the Balkans.


When uploading a photo, it is recommended that participants provide a brief description detailing their vision for why the photo is suitable for the contest.


Each project partner will review the submitted photos from their representatives and recommend the most active participants and valuable photos to be awarded with participation in upcoming summer schools in Greece and Turkey.

Content policy

  • Uncensored content and hate speech are strictly prohibited.
  • Photos containing such content will be automatically removed and disqualified from the contest.

Best of luck to all participants!

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