The past and the future

“Imagine Europe!” and “Rewriting History” at “Nicolae Bǎlcescu” School Craiova

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During the “Different Week” we organized together with the teachers of the “Nicolae Bǎlcescu” School in Craiova workshops for the students of the institution.
The activities carried out were “Imagine Europe!” – “Imagine Europe” and “Rewriting History” – “Rewrite History”.
The workshops are part of the Erasmus+ “Meet your neighbors” project.
The project focuses on young people born and raised in the period between the two eras. The first being based on division, differentiation and defamation of the neighbor, and the second being based on the common European values of tolerance, respect and freedom.
When the Balkan countries are located “closer” than any political, strategic or economic nature it is very important that they join the sustainable foundations of peace and the new context in the Balkans.

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