Workshops “Imagine Europe” in Bitola, North Macedonia

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Three groups of young people were given the task of creating a map of Europe, using photographs that represented European, Balkan and national Macedonian culture and history.

They were debated the position of Macedonia in the European framework, and each of the groups placed the pictures differently and presented Europe.

The first group (high school students 14-18) was mainly guided by the geographical origin of the images, so they arranged the photos on the map of Europe according to national and cultural landmarks.

The second group (high school students 14-18) thought differently, so they moved the photos through historical periods and the development of Europe from antiquity to the present day.

The third group (University students 19-29) looked for connections, for example between cultural influences, such as the appearance of the Cyrillic alphabet and its spread, and the central place was Tolstoy’s work, War and Peace, with the conclusion that Europe is always on the verge of war, as it is today , but also peace, which brings prosperity and well-being.

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