“Never think that war, however necessary or justified, is not a crime,”

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For the imagined scenario “Rewriting history of the I World War”, two workshops were held with young people, where they wrote an essay about the war, its consequences and shared their views on the end of the war.

Each of the essays created by the students is unique and presents its own point of view, but all of them are guided by historical facts and analyze what changes the war could have brought, if it had a different end.

The group discussion and joint presentation is best captured in a quote from one of the essays that was most often used in the debate: “Never think that war, however necessary or justified, is not a crime,” with this quote best describes the tragedy and chaos that engulfed the world in the First World War, a war of too many losses of human life, a war of destroyed families, suffering, pain, sorrow and longing for loved ones, warfare in pursuit of power, wealth, territory, power and the fulfillment of personal ambitions and goals at the expense of other people’s lives.”

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Students Uncover National History's Connection to Europe's Historical Processes trough "Imagine Europe" Interactive Game


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